Apr 20, 2015

Prom #1 (Letter to Missionary)

I'm sitting at Dr. Watson's new office. It's kind of retro. Jacob should be getting his braces off next time. Cross your fingers. Samantha had prom #1 on Saturday. She looked beautiful.  Her date was really nice. Her next date is with a guy who seems to be a little in love with her. He keeps texting her all the time. I think she's getting annoyed. 

Since she had no big sister, her mother did her hair and make up. Reminded me of our dance days and all that hair and makeup back then. Although it felt more appropriate to put makeup on a 17 year old than a 5 year old. 

Dad threw his back out. He's been in great pain and to the chiropractor a few times. Naturally, I did a much better job rubbing out all the knots in his back. He slept really good last night. 

Jaxon caught a ladybug he is so excited about it. Then the excitement factor ramped up when it started laying eggs. He's been studying all about ladybugs the past few days. 

Conversations with Jaxon: I asked if he wanted me to read some of Michael Vey to him. He said, "No, because I have I have certain voices for the characters in my head and it would sound wrong if you read them."

"Hugs are best at night because they turn into cuddles."

Jacob got his Life at the Court of Honor last night. Pretty cool. 

How was your birthday and DC?

Finished with Orthotime. Time to go back to school. 

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