Apr 20, 2015

Gollum Bit My Fingah

So we left on Monday morning to go to St. George. We got to Darrin's house at about 3:30. I ordered pizza and we watched The Giver. Just so I don't repeat this, after The Giver on Monday night, it was Lord of the Rings. I swear that movie never ends. It goes on. And on. And on. And on. No, I did not watch it but it was on for the rest of the trip when we were at the house and it wasn't on repeat. It just goes on FOR.EV.ER. All over a stupid little ring? I mean, really. It had no diamonds in it. It may not even have been real gold. After many, many, MANY hours, Frodo stands over the fiery volcanic crap and holds the ring. Will he drop it in and destroy it? He really should because, as I already mentioned, it was probably cheap aluminum. Also, he was always warned to never put the ring on because then the dark horses or whatever would find him or something. I highly doubt it. I think it was discouraged because his finger would have turned green and then everybody would have known that the ring really wasn't such a big deal, after all. 

Anyway, back to the movie. Will he throw it in or won't he? Suddenly, that Gollum creature disapparates before him and bites off his finger. As Frodo screams in agony and woe, Gollum gathers his precious fake ring to his bosom, smiles that creepy smile and disappears into the fiery volcanic rock. Very intense. Then Jacob says, with a British accent, "Gollum bit my fingah and it really hurt." 

Tuesday was Dixie State University. Our tour guide was Brittany or some perky name like that who responded, "Awesome!" to almost everything. She was actually really cute but did not impress me with Dixie's strong academic standard. She told us why she "had came to Dixie." Yes, I did write came. She told us that most schools she applied to required a minimum score on the ACT of 21 so Dixie really appealed to her. Bless her heart. But she really did a good job with our tour. And she was perky.

We went to a little and very old candy store called Judd's which I'd never heard of but they had the most interesting and different flavors of bottled soda in the old fashioned type bottles. The kids liked that part the best, I think. And the candy, although we also ate lunch there. By the way, when it came time to take the Dixie tour, I invited Jacob to come, too. He got out with Sam and I and Jaxon yelled, "I'm coming, too!" Dad was forced to park the van and join the Dixie tour. Yay!

Wednesday we drove to Cedar City to see SUU. SUU is a smaller version of Utah State, I think. Our tour guide or ambassador's name was Trayvon. He was little black kid from California. Gave us a great tour and dropped us off for the housing tour at Eccles A. I texted Yolanda and got Makayla's number and texted her just as we walked into the foyer so she came downstairs. Then we went and ate at a place that Makayla suggested called something Pub. I forgot. Anyway, it was okay. We'd already eaten lunch before the tour so I wasn't that hungry. We returned to the house in St. George and tried to swim in their excuse for a pool. There is just nothing that compares to South Gate, you know? That night we watched "Intersteller." Not as good as that one by the same guy, "Inception." Made me have to think about Einstein's theories of relativity, gravity, and time. 

Thursday, we were pretty much done with St. George. Like I said, without it being South Gate, there was just not a lot to do. Outside hiking was out of the question because it was cold and, above all, windy. Hiking with red sand in our eyes? No. Not so much. So we cleaned the house to OCD perfection (Kym and Darrin are like that and we want to stay in their good graces) and came home. Of course, the cat told us ALL ABOUT IT. We weren't even gone that long.

Friday morning Samantha came to me and asked if she could go with Kacey to Mesquite. Right now. Can I drive her to Orem's Walmart? I was still in my pajamas but they were going with her parents and Kacey is the only child still at home so she needed a sister and Samantha needed a sister so I took her. On Friday afternoon, Jaxon was at Seth's while Jacob was out with his friends and Dad and I got bored. We were playing the part of empty nesters and didn't like it. I cleaned but tired quickly of that. I read but then got confused when nobody interrupted me. It was just weird.

On Saturday, we moved the chicken coop. The dog never uses her dog run and we're tired of chicken poop all over the cement so we moved it into the dog run. Once completed, we smelled plastic burning. Then we saw a plume of black smoke coming up from a neighbor's yard. Dad grabbed his phone and ran over to the Hales' house. Their fence was on fire. He grabbed the Collins' hose and hooked it up, Brock Hunsaker was in the backyard hosing that side of the fence and a crowd was gathering. Alex Criddle got his hands on a fire extinguisher and used it up before suffering smoke inhalation problems. The police arrived. The ambulance arrived and took Alex to the hospital. Finally, the fire department arrived and put it out. It was probably started on the Garside's property by some kids that haunt that area from Highland. The firefighters mentioned that if the neighbors hadn't stepped in so quickly, called for help, watered it down with hoses, the Hales' house would have caught on fire. As it is, the vegetation on that side of the garage is shot, a large portion of the fence is gone, and people are a lot more humble today. Turns out, Laura and Brayden were in the house the whole time. Laura was taking a shower and Brayden smelled something weird but the excitement was over before they came outside. 

Meanwhile, I ran over to assess the danger. I wasn't gone long but longer than I should have been. I decided I couldn't save the chickens from the poisonous smoke but I needed to get Sunday into the house. I came back home and called out to Jaxon. He was beside himself in hysterics. He didn't know what was going on and he was scared with all the smoke, the cars, and the sirens. He called Seth's house and they didn't answer. He called Jene and left a most pitiful message of terror and begged her to come and save him. She was Washington State at the time seeing Chad's sister. He then called Grandma and, through tears and some hysterics, said something about a fire, being scared and come and get him. She said she'd be right there and they hung up. I walked in just then so I calmed him down, hugged him a lot, and called Grandma to let her know we were safe. What a sweet, smart boy. 

Now we're all home and everybody is tucked into bed, including the chickens who have had to adjust to the new geography. That said, we will need to put a netting across the top. Two chickens were outside the dog run this morning. Snowball was completely beside herself as she paced back and forth inside the coop. The other two were happily finding worms and bugs while pooping on the cement. Sunday is asleep at my feet. Ginger is asleep on the stool. Jaxon is asleep on my bed. I am left to my own devices while there are cake balls, freshly dipped on parchment paper on the counter. 

Life is good!

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