Feb 20, 2014

Being Too Honest

We're getting our kitchen redone and have finally reached the stage of final plans. A couple of days ago, the cabinet guy came over for final measurements. I greeted him, let him in and walked out the back door, grabbed a shovel and dug up worms in the side garden with the chickens. We found some huge, juicy ones. I'd had a hard day at work. It relaxes me.

I returned to my house and commented that working with natural elements like wood and granite must be so grounding to him. Mike, the cabinet guy agreed. Then he added, "Except for working with the wackos, it really is great. By the way, what were you doing out there?"


Mike, the cabinet guy dropped the final plans off about an hour ago. I couldn't answer the door because I didn't have on pants. Pants are not necessary nor are they even preferred when at home alone. I only knew it was Mike, the Cabinet Guy, because I peeked out the window as he drove away. I grabbed the plans and looked them over. Besides the size of the island, it looks great so I called to tell him so. The problem is that I forgot to install my filter.

"Hey, Mike, the Cabinet Guy. I got the plans. It looks great except for the island needs to be 72" instead of 60". Sorry I didn't answer the door but I didn't have on pants. Give me a call. Thanks."

He hasn't called back. I think he'll call Scott on his cell.

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