Dec 16, 2013

Christmas Gifts

I'm ruining the surprise right now. For Christmas this year, I am giving my husband the gift of a clean house. One might muse that perhaps I should be giving that gift every day of the year. That is a partial plan. But the truth is that the only day we really get to clean is on Saturdays. Saturdays have so many other things to do on them like basketball games, football games, Costco and grocery store trips, etc., etc. When we take a weekend trip to the cabin or someplace else, the house cleaning is skipped for that week.

My dad told me that he never saw his mother clean the house. She just kept it clean. She always had a clean house when I went to her home. I've also heard if you clean as you go, you don't have to clean so hard. I just cleaned as I walked from the front door to the kitchen sink. I took a detour to the living room and picked up three pillows, one blanket, hung up two backpacks in the entryway then continued eastward. I stopped to snatch up one quarter, a Q-tip, five pieces of paper, a pencil, and another Q-tip. I then grabbed some garbage of the counter and threw it away.

Just so you know, I ignored a lot of stuff on my way.

So I called a house cleaning service. They are coming on Monday.

One might suppose that having a house cleaning service come is a gift to me. You might be partially correct but only in assuaging my guilt. Scott has wanted a service for years. Hence, it will be ongoing.

Good thing I picked up the quarter on my way to the kitchen sink.

I am also giving each member of my family a ticket to see a musical group called Vocal Point. Feel like you want to smile? They are not using any instruments but their voices: Here's a teaser:

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