Sep 17, 2013

A Reason to Rejoice that You're Not Me

Because the one in high school called me at work to inform me that she needed supplies. And clean underwear. It will be remembered and held against me someday that I took 20 minutes to run to the high school for my daughter. But I did. But I didn't take clean pants. She needed clean pants? Fine. I'll be back after I'm finished with work. She was not happy but she coped.

Finished work and found clean pants for her. Stopped at Subway and got her some lunch. Met her in the office and handed her the pants and the Subway. She was very put out. How did I expect her to eat a Subway when she got her wires tightened on her braces yesterday? How dare I? By the way, she was starving. Why didn't I bring her something soft? How very thoughtless of me.

When they all came home from school, Jacob pushed Samantha's buttons. Samantha pushed Jacob's buttons. Neither were innocent. Jacob was sneakier but I still heard him egging her on. She starts using her scary, screamy voice and I'm supposed to intervene but I am trying to ignore. I can hear Jaxon starting to cry so I'm afraid it might be time but then I hear thumping, screaming, and a door slam. Everybody's crying. Jaxon comes to tell me about it. He tells me that Jacob didn't hit Samantha. Jacob is crying. Jacob tells me that she hit him in the back of the neck. She picked up the cat scratcher and used it as weapon. Repeatedly. I'm pissed. She locked her door. She won't open it so I "won't kill her." I'm getting more pissed and wondering if I can justify breaking in the door. I can't. She opens the door and uses stupid deflection tactics. I want to slap her face but I recognize the irony. She personally insults me that has nothing to do with our current situation. I decide to let her live and leave her room.

Come upstairs and tell Jacob he is not innocent. I'm sorry he got hurt but I heard him egging her on. He needs to stop it. He plays victim and pulls the guilt card which works most of the time with me. But then he's talking over me and proclaiming his innocence. He tries to push past me which he totally can because he's a big kid. I'm trying to get him to take a little responsibility and be accountable. Nobody wants to be accountable. Now he's the victim again and unwilling to help Jaxon with his homework. He kicks Jaxon out of his bedroom so Jaxon goes into his room and cries.

I've packed a bag with clean underwear and pants. It includes shampoo and make up. I'm going to run away as soon as Scott comes home.

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myrtle budge said...

A reason to rejoice that I am not alone in my own sibling "wars".