Aug 14, 2013

Feeling Appreciated

Last week was early voting for primary elections in a non-presidential year. My candidate later revealed that out of 105,000 residents, only 150 showed up in the early polls.

I was one of those early voters because I resent being harnessed to one Tuesday, especially if it happens to be a beautiful day that I'd rather be outside. I parked at the city building and walked in, uncertain of where I would go from there. The sign pointed left but straight ahead I was greeted by four exuberant ladies who called me into the courtroom with smiles and promises of candy. As I stepped across the threshold, they were so pleased at my presence, one of them cheered.

It made so happy I turned around and walked back in again. I was met with a standing ovation. 

I had such a wonderful time voting this year that I want to do it every day. I felt appreciated, loved, and a little bit adored. One woman asked if I was an actress. It wasn't because of my stunning beauty but my reaction to such positive attention. I had to explain that, no, I was not an actress but normally this dramatic.

I can't wait for November. I think I'll bring my own confetti.

1 comment:

CountessLaurie said...

You may not be an actress but you are a SUPER STAR!!!!
You crack me up!