Jun 17, 2013

And the other half of our Pinterest Activities

So I said Samantha and I were working on our Pinterest stuff. While I was downstairs cutting wood and using the nail gun, she was upstairs painting the drywall in the garage. We feel very proud of our creativity and handiness with power tools.

The power tool comment was all about me.

Here is my culmination which includes the stuff I mentioned in my last post and a crate I made to put crap on. So cool.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Samantha was mixing together chalkboard paint (paint and grout) and painting a wall in the garage. Then painting over a "whoopsie!" I think it looks fantastic, by the way. I can't even begin to tell you how tickled I am with the finished product. So tickled, I had to share.

Please. Tell me how amazing we are. Go ahead.

1 comment:

CountessLaurie said...

YOU ALL ARE AMAZING... I only ever pin stuff. I don't actually MAKE stuff ... Looks fantastic.