Mar 14, 2013

Farewell Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen died.

I went out to gather eggs and found a heap of feathers. I knew immediately that Little Red Hen was in trouble. The feathers were attached to Little Red. The other ladies were talking more than usual. I did not panic. I calmly deferred to my husband. It was a Sunday, a day of rest and dinner was in the crock pot, church finished for the day. His eyes were closed. I poked him twice before asking if he was asleep. He jumped on the second poke so I knew he wasn't asleep, anymore. He must have noticed the slight hysteria in my eyes because, although he said he'd get to it in a while, he was up and taking care of Little Red within 5 minutes.

The pecking order has been disrupted. Mama Hen started yelling shortly after dinner. She stood on the porch and yelled for her flock to come to her. Shortly thereafter, Jaxon noticed the Americahna's back. It took me a few more days (a week) but I realized her feather's had been pulled out on her sides and back and she was bleeding. I dug up a few extra juicy worms for her this week.

I need to get a life.

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