Feb 26, 2013

It's a Boast Post

Last time it was for a newsletter for a local attraction. She won a photo contest aaannd (drum roll, please) a year pass worth $170, thankyouverymuch.

This one has no monetary award.  Just an immense amount of parental pride. She did this by herself and told me afterward. The magazine contacted me and requested permission to publish.

If you don't subscribe to The New Era, WHY NOT?! If you heard a thump, that was my foot stomping. Because look at what she did this time.

While I'm in the mood, remember that Christmas card I sent out that peripherally mocked long winded and boastful Christmas letters? Don't I feel self-righteous?

I did. For a minute. But now...

My oldest daughter has been offered full scholarships to four of the colleges/universities she applied to, has been accepted into a university that many applicants don't, and we're still waiting on more.

My oldest son is playing in a basketball tournament this week and his team is undefeated. Except for one game. Then they beat that team. But it's all for building character because it doesn't matter if you win or lose but how you play the game. At least that's what the losers say.

My younger son is just a cuddle bug. And I love him.

This week, Scott and I will have been married for 21 years. My advice? Go to bed angry. A well rested body and brain thinks more rationally in the morning.

Mmmmkay. That's my boast. Thanks for indulging me.


Joan said...

Well that little Sam is something else!! Give her a hug for me.

Rachel said...

Love this. What a big heart she has!

And congrats on the scholarship/tournament/cuddlebug/anniversary!

Abby said...

Well, of course you can boast! Your kids are doing super great things! I think they get it from their awesome mom! :)