Jan 23, 2013

Oh, Deer Texting

Between Dad and Daughter:

Oh deer, how r u doing, dear?

Better than the deer :) I tried to think of a good pun to respond with, but all I could come up with is that I just came from seminary so I'm feeling all mushy.

Buck up, it won't cost too much doe

You're better at this 'game' than me.

That's not what I herd.

Mom and I took the car to a car wash. It cost twelve bucks.

Did you get the underside sprayed?

Yep. And a banana bath. My car smells like bananas now instead of deer guts.

Twelve bucks is not bad. You're made of doe, after all.

When she came home from school to give a recounting of the experience, she started by telling me that 1. It was mostly dead, anyway and 2. There's a reason she has a Class B restriction on her license.

Additional benefits of having deer guts on your undercarriage is that teenage boys flock to your side with hero worship and ask if you will show them the underside of your car.

I'm not really sure why, but that last sentence leaves me extremely concerned. I'm hoping it's just my own wording.

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Rachel said...

Oh deer. That story must have been truly disturbing to live through in the first person.

My own was traumatic:


But the boys getting all excited about seeing deer offal... ick!