Jan 30, 2013

Cruel Seasons

How can I portray my seasonal malaise when I can't even dig out my car?
How do I stay in a climate this ways that is north of the northern most star?
I remember a time in a place that was mine where I sweat while I built a new coop.
But those were the days before the malaise and chicks didn't roost on iced poop.

I think I recall during summer or fall when the colors were other than white.
I could spend all my days without this malaise and the mountains within my sight.
Perhaps I'd feel free if I'd only go ski and I'd fly like the wind as it blows.
But the snow will only melt and it is clearly felt on my skin not covered with clothes.


CountessLaurie said...

cruel season but dang, that is a cute coop!!

.:Anna:. said...

You chickens need sweaters.