Dec 28, 2012

It's Called Snow

Dear Gina (in Australia), Amy (in Africa), Tiffany, Tonia and Anna (in Texas),

This is my dog, Sunday. She is a Labrador. The snow has swallowed her legs.
Here she is again. The Ladies are in the coop. They are sad because they like to free range and eat grass.

 First one to heat up the hot tub and clear off a spare bed gets me as a house guest for the next 10 weeks. And Sunday.

Don't tell my husband or the kids.

With love and affection from Utah, the freakin' greatest snow on earth,



Amy Morrow said...

Spare bed cleared and ready!

We have 'ladies' here you can play with also.

Peter is here too.....

But, no hot tub. I'm sorry if that's a deal breaker.

Gina said...

Hot tub: check
Free range ladies: check
Spare room: check
Pool: check
Venemous spiders: check (deal breaker??!)
Ice: check (only in the cocktails!)

Tonia said...

If you are willing to clean the spare room it is yours!

Elizabeth said...

You sure beat Pittsburgh for the snow. We have a lot, but not this much.

Happy New Year!!

Stop by my blog if you like for a photo of snowy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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.:Anna:. said...

Oh come on, Lubbock got .8487474 of snow last month!!! ;)

Don't act like your Utah snow is superior to my Texas flurry haha

.:Anna:. said...

Oh! Tristan offered his crib to his Aunt Nancy if she will come visit :)