Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Just in case you missed it (and there's a pretty good chance you did because I only sent out Christmas cards to people I had easy access to their addresses - a.k.a. - last year's Christmas cards), consider yourself included in receiving my Christmas card!

Incidentally, Scott's head still hurts a lot. Alyssa was offered at least one full ride scholarship to one college. Also, no segue whatsoever but I saw my friend that got chickens the same time I did and asked her, "What are you doing with your anxiety disorder? Umm. I mean, your chickens?" I did a quick save, though. Or maybe dug a little deeper. I concluded aloud that, when given the option of therapy or getting chickens, therapy is cheaper.

That said, I'd get the ladies if given the choice all over again. We're nearly at the tipping point of evening out the cost of the two choices. Gathering eggs is like having Christmas all year long. It never gets old nor ceases to surprise and amaze me when I open the little door at the back of the coop to find eggs. 

Before you judge me I want you to remember that my eccentricity would be considered darling 20 years ago. 

I choose that I'm darling.

And a Happy New Year.


myshelomitashop said...

You are a darling indeed! I just found your blog through Mama's prompt and I can tell you are :)

Mary Johnson said...

I love how you did your family update and chickens are darling!

Heather Lambie said...

Found you through MamaKats. While I don't have chickens, I have three friends who do, and I just don't get it--we live in the suburbs, not on a ranch! I am actually chicken-sitting 4 hens at the moment while my friend is away on vacay. I am not a bird person, so she'll be lucky if they don't get curried while she's gone (kidding!).

I, myself, am a goat lady. Loves me some goats. Would adopt a goat in a new york minute. That said, goats don't lay eggs, just lots of turds. So in that respect, Chickens: 1; Goats: 0.

Kim said...

Oh, how the kids have grown! What a lovely bunch of non-feathered chicks you have!

And I'm sure the ladies are gorgeous too!

Andrea said...

Eccentricities, or the idea of them is what keeps me convinced I'm still somewhat sane. If that makes any sense at all.

Dumb Mom said...

I wish we could get chickens. Our HOA would lay an egg though:). Love the card! And, full scholarships are awesome. Headaches, not so much.:(

Gina said...

My chickens have made it onto our Christmas cards. The term "Mad chicken lady" has been mentioned a few times. I just shrug and tell them there are crazier people than me in this world... and then direct them here!!!

Happy Christmas to my favourite mad chicken lady friend! xo

marcialanae82 said...

I am loving all of the different ideas I can use for my own Christmas card next year that I am finding through Mama Kat's. Love your short but sweet updates!