Nov 6, 2012

Work, New Blog Fodder

The nice thing about a new job is that nobody knows I blog. I plan on keeping it that way.

I now have a GOLD MINE of BLOG FODDER! This makes so very happy. I'm afraid I had burned all my blog fodder opportunities by telling people about my blog. Then they read it which is not a good thing. Sometimes they find themselves featured. Apparently, this is not good for neighbor relations. This is particularly unfortunate because I wrote a wonderful email to my best friend, Heidi, describing an interaction I had with my visiting teacher. It was stunningly funny.

Her comment? You write so well. Too bad you can't blog this one.

Actually, it was my emails to her that got my creative juices going. Nothing like numbing the inhibitions than talking to your best friend. Still, she had a point. There were too many identifiers in the writing. Shame. I do have some interesting neighbors. Blog-worthy. But some of them talk. Some of them read. Some of them read and talk back. This does not include Laura, Joan, Kaye, or Susan. They just read and laugh. But how much more fun could we have if I were to really cut loose on people we knew? The aforementioned would know and since they would know it would be a form of gossip. But it really was a good email I sent Heidi. Oh, and it ended with a conversation I had with Laura. She said a swear word. *snicker*

Next are my children and husband. Unfortunately for my husband, his co-workers read my blog. Since some of them are his boss and others he supervises, I have been instructed, in a roundabout way, to only write him in a most positive manner. At least no exaggerations. Unless they enhance his character or physical attributes. Fill in the blank here. I'm struggling against my nature to not continue on this vein. I think I might die because I am leaving this paragraph unfinished.

The children used to be fun fodder until the girls started reading my blog. Teenagers are fickle things who get their panties all in a wad over small things. Tread lightly with these creatures. Their eyes leak and their voices crack if you blog a funny interaction about monthly cycles. 

But now I have work. Not my old job where some were in on the secret blog. There was no secret blog. Stupidly and far to proudly, I told people about my blog a few years ago. Some of them bookmarked it. Some of them subscribe. Again, you are missing out on some doozy of blog posts. They aren't unwritten. They don't only exist in my head. They turned into emails sent to one trusted colleague and Heidi, my best friend. But now I have my secret blog. And I have coworkers. They don't know it but I watch them closely. I am writing posts in my mind again even as I'm living it.

And Dear husband, if people at work giggle when you walk past, ignore them. They have dirty minds. Oh. And so do the church ladies. I said nothing inappropriate.


Keep Your Sunny Side Up said...

I have been warned about creative writing, so blog away in any way you want. There is no judging on my part. I so enjoy reading your blogs!

.:Anna:. said...

DId I ever tell you about the time your comment on one of my posts got me SO busted??? OK so this girl gets up and gives a talk and some quote about dressing loudly (neon colors, hats with feathers) can be just as inappropriate as dressing immodestly? Well, I never published her comments but somehow she found my blog and was like, "Oh, wow! So now I am the ward kook?!?! Well you took it out of context adn that is not what I meant and blahblahblahblahblah" Anyway, her kid was my scout so I had to talk to her. Which was awkward. I said I was sorry she misunderstood how my post and she said she felt dumb because after she reread the post, she realized I wasn't talking about her. Then we never talked again, and not kidding you, she started to dress crazier and more bold. No joke. Since then I have refrained from bloggin about people... but I want to so bad because my neighbors are so trashy and make the BEST stories!

I feel your pain.