Nov 24, 2012

The Difference Between Blog Friends and Real Life Friends

  1. Real friends know me better than blog friends.
  2. Blog friends don't really care how I am. (Evidence: My 3 Texas blog friends sent prayers and dinner gift cards when Scott had brain surgery. My Australian blog friend sent a heart felt email to check how I really was. My neighbor friends brought me dinner and stepped up for carpool)
  3. Blog friends aren't REAL friends. They are imaginary.
  4. Blog friends become real friends without ever meeting face to face.
  5. Real life friends don't care about my chickens. Most of them mock me. 
  6. Blog friends drive clear from Texas and bring their whole family over to meet the chickens and play with my kids. They dig for worms in the garden, too. And they enjoy it, too.
  7. Blog friends have never seen my house in disarray.
  8. Blog friends don't think I'm neurotic. There is no evidence to support this.
One blog friend crossed the barrier (or state lines). Scott is now semi-convinced I am not making my friends up (not that there's any shame in that). But we've been friends for years.


Klin said...

I have met some amazing ladies through blogging! Yay for Blogging friends.

Gina said...

My non-blogging friends think I am a bit crazy striking up online friendships. They still think you might be Dave the hairy Australian truck driver from Woolongong...!

CountessLaurie said...

If you lived in Vermont or New Hampshire, I'd drive up to meet your chickens... just sayin'

Tonia said...

Loved your chickens! And your webisodes, your kids, your house, and you! It was fun to see that you are exactly how I pictured you. Now of course you are never safe because I know where you live!!