Nov 7, 2012

I Knew It Was Election Day Because

I subconsciously wore black. What does that say about my hope for politicians?

My direct supervisor, Sue, wore red, white and blue. I immediately stood up, put my hand over my heart and belted out The Star Spangled Banner. Please note that this is my new job and my new boss.

Scott went to vote at our local junior high. The bell rang and students changed classes. One bright, handsome, and clever boy looked at the faceless crowd and called out, "Vote for Pedro!" That's my boy.

I named my chickens for the day; Betsy, Martha, Liberty, and Salem. Salem was my attempt at mirth. I also watched her have another stare down with the dog, eyeball to eyeball. When the anticipation is at its highest, the chicken pecks the dog in the nose.

I love it when she does that. It breaks the stalemate.


1 comment:

Kim said...

I wore black, too - and forgot to remove my Claire McCaskill button from my hoodie when I went to the polls.

I've never been chastised by a poll worker before - it felt good.