Sep 28, 2012

Why Blog Friends Are the BEST

1. They don't complain about your dog.
2. They won't gossip about how crazy you are to all their neighbors.
3. Even if they do, it's not your neighbors so it doesn't matter.
4. They don't borrow your shovel and forget to return it.
5. They won't judge you for your messy house.
6. You can tell them ANYTHING.
7. They make you laugh.
8. You know you always have a place to stay someplace in Texas.
9. There's always a hope they will someday come and see you.
10. No dishes to return.

I love you, ladies!
Scott does, too. 
He'll have his filter back in place by the time Tonia comes to see me.

I hope.


Klin said...

Good Mail!!! I loves me some good mail.
Good mail=cool stuff that comes from people who care just to pick you up and is not a bill. :)

.:Anna:. said...

Gosh you have great readers!!! :)

If only they lived close enough to take out the trash and mow the lawn.