Sep 24, 2012

Playing in Dirt

"Mom, I think you need to get out more." My 17 year old daughter announced one afternoon.

"Really?" I answered as I dug my shovel deep into the damp soil, turning the clumps of dirt.

"Yeah. Maybe go hang out with friends," she continued.

I grunted as I leaned down to inspect the dirt, breaking it apart in my hands, looking closer. "Holy crap! Look at this juicy one! Who wants it?" I dug out a fat worm and held it out. "C'mere Little Red Hen! Look at this one!" The chickens gathered around me. One gulped the juicy worm down. The others pecked at the clod of dirt in my hands.

"Maybe make some friends..." my daughter continued.

"Jackpot! Check it out, Alyssa!" I held up a clump of mud with 5 or 6 earthworms hanging out of it. "Here! Grab one and give it to one of the chickens! They love it!"

"Maybe go to a Yoga class or something with other human women," she finished, backing away.

My daughter is so weird.


Kim said...

Couldn't she tell you were already part of a hen party?

And these chicks weren't judging how you looked or asking you to do them favors.

Sounds like a perfect social situation to me.

Amy Morrow said...

I love your sense of humor!! So glad you're my friend. :)