Sep 4, 2012

In my little world where I am daily struggling to make little schedules right for my junior high students and it is not uncommon to hear, "Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump," coming from my office as my head hits my desk when I come to an impasse, it is nice to finally have a little validation. That validation came two days ago in the form of a report clarifying the beliefs of Mormons.

SALT LAKE CITY -- Mormons are free to down a Coke or Pepsi.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has clarified its position on caffeinated soft drinks, noting the news media often incorrectly states that its members are forbidden to drink caffeine.
This week the church posted a statement on its website saying it "does not prohibit the use of caffeine."
Just to clarify, there is no official stance on my Diet Coke. Just as there is no official stance on my Texas Sheet Cake that I am stuffing into my face right now. No official stance on club sandwiches, Pad Thai, or any of my favorite foods. There IS an official stance regarding alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and hot drinks which include coffee and tea. The spirit of the law is that we put healthy foods and drinks into our bodies and it will perform better for us. Our thoughts will be clearer and quicker. Our bodies will be healthy and we will run and not be weary. Cool. But beyond what was stated, nothing else is implied.
My Diet Coke habit is not healthy, I'll admit. I know I'd have better stamina if I drank more water and less Diet Coke. But if I get once vice, let this one be it. Although I'd like to throw in the Texas Sheet cake for free. Oh, and I get three swear words a day. Yeah, I'm making up rules, now but they're my rules. I'm not forcing them on you.
Join me if you'd like, though.


mCat said...

I was dismayed when the media reported we weren't allowed caffeinated drinks. Here, I thought I had been sinning for oh so long.

And in my case, I had to make the rule that I get 5 swear words a day. Just to be safe.

Kim said...

Are iced coffee and iced tea prohibited, as they are not hot when you drink them?

Do swear words you say only in your head count against your daily total?

I'm always looking for the loophole...