Jul 21, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

The object of the boat driver is to create waves enough to knock them off.
The object of the riders is to hang on for dear life and have the best time.
The object of the photographer is to laugh until it hurts. 

Believe it or not, I am tan.
The point is that I can still ski.
Celebrate with me.
("Yay" moment)
 This year we started a new hobby - exploring old houses. We went inside this one and a shack behind it. We found the possibility of Hantavirus.

This year we gave up a new hobby - exploring old houses.

Paparazzi follow them everywhere.

It just isn't how I remember it.

Bear Lake 

I haven't the foggiest idea.

Cows on the road

My Jacob who chose scout camp over following cows and seeking Hantavirus.

Weird kid.

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