May 21, 2012

Suburban Homesteader

I went to lunch with my dance friends on Saturday. It's been awhile so we had a lot to catch up. Kari and her husband are building a house together, her house sold, her ex-husband is planning his Wiccan wedding in Washington... you know, the usual.

I got to share my pictures of the family, recap the trip to Maui, my upcoming job transfer, my tiny breakdown leading to my chicken obsession, their demise and replacements. I was able to answer so many questions about the care and keeping of chickens that I would not have known until recently. I also announced my Mother's Day gift from my reluctant family.
Just in case there is any question, it is a wireless fence unit. In other words, Sunday the dog has a perimeter that is all hers. When she crosses that perimeter, she gets a zap on the neck. I set it up on Saturday, marking the perimeter with those white flags. I also accidentally dropped the plastic tester that fits on the shocking part of the collar and received a zap. I think it was good for me to experience it. It didn't hurt but it was definitely unpleasant. I don't want to repeat the experience.

I trained the dog on Sunday. She's a very fast learner. She is now terrified to go out the front door. My children and husband don't know if they are speaking to me anymore. My neighbors, however, like me a lot more. I might have friends. The jury is still out.

I have also added a new element to my suburban homesteading repertoire. A fertilizer that is supposed to have magical powers. 

Llama poo.

Forget Miracle Gro, steer manure, even grain fed Quarter horses. I've tried them all. The soil I brought in for grow boxes a few years ago has given me abysmal results. Llama poo, I am told, will solve all of my soil nutrient problems.

You may be asking where one might buy such a magical fertilizer. Simply go to the Hare Krishna temple nearest you and purchase by the yard or truckload. Better yet, KNOW someone who went to the Hare Krishna temple and bought excess and relieve him of his extra load (pun intended).

I feel that I may have just taken suburban homesteading to a whole new level. And no, I did not share this tidbit with my dance friends. It might just be a little too weird.

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Tiffany said...

Oh MAN! I wish I had known about the llama poo before I tore my garden boxes out in frustration - basically refusing to follow the prophet's counsel to plant a garden. Up in here in tater country we have llamas practically on every corner. Even though you're taking a blogging break, please keep us up to date on the llama poo progress.