Feb 1, 2012

Worldful Wednesday and the best friends

I am asked the ages of my children. I tell them my oldest is sixteen and they give their condolences. I laugh at them because they don't know. This is the girl the other kids gravitate to because she is that wonderful. She's the kid that stays up late on my bed with me working on a crossword puzzle and laughing when her dad tries to casually kick me in a hint that he is trying to sleep. She's the kid who sat at the counter doing her precalculus while I talked to my spices during an organization spree. She "gets" it when I pick up a bottle and asks it, "Now where do you go?"

Contrary to this expression on her brother's face, they are best friends.

She has a lot of those best friends. And a few fans, too.

If I could, I would tell you how to raise them this good but it has nothing to do with me or my parenting skills. I take that back. It is probably her excellent coping skills to her mother that talks to her spices. It's just the way she is.


Amy said...

At church this past Sunday, Tom asked us to go around and speak kind words about each person. My 18 year old son said that we get each other and while I doubt my beauty I will always beautiful to him. Be. still. my. heart!

I'm gonna miss that kid!

christine said...

Aw, I can only hope my girls turn into such a wonderful teenager!

Live From Mommyville... said...

Priceless picture. In spite of your disclaimer...I'd love for you to give my kids a go.