Jan 31, 2012

Getting Pranked

Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they play. Sometimes they prank. This time they pranked. It went sort of like this beginning at dinner on Friday night:
 Resize Pictures Online I'm going to Tom's house after dinner.

Resize Pictures Online Really. Do you want to rephrase that?
Resize Pictures Online (Rolls her eyes) Can I go to Tom's house after dinner?
Resize Pictures Online  You're not dating Tom.
Resize Pictures Online (Looking guilty) Other people are going to be there. (Pause) Erik.
Resize Pictures Online Do you want me to drive or do you want to drive?
Resize Pictures Online I don't care. Just decide fast while I go brush my teeth (And she disappears downstairs).
Resize Pictures Online and Resize Pictures Online are whispering. They're scheming. They laugh. Suddenly they grab their jackets and run outside.
Resize Pictures Online I'm ready to go. Am I driving?
Resize Pictures Online (Yawn) Yeah. Go ahead and drive.

Before I continue this tale, it is only fair to reveal that this brave, young woman is girlishly afraid of the dark. She runs to the car when she leaves at 6:00 a.m. and jumps in so the boogey man doesn't get her. I shudder to imagine how she'd be if she ever saw Sixth Sense and had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when the hair on the back of her neck starts to rise. Not that I know anything about being terrified in a dark bathroom or anything... Continuing onto the story.
Resize Pictures Online (calmly walks out the door and runs like a maniac to the car, whipping open the door, jumping in, and locking the doors. Big sigh. She's safe.)
Resize Pictures Online {Whispers from back seat} Want some candy, little girl?
Resize Pictures Online(Screams in sheer terror and throws her keys at the whispering perpetrator in her car. Realizing it is her brother, she starts to cry and orders him out of the car. He laughs. He leaves. He comes inside and tells me all about it. Meanwhile, the 16 year old is still shaking, driving slowly and completely freaked out, driving on abandoned country roads to Tom's house.

She turns on the radio to calm her nerves.

She sings at the top of her lungs.

Her legs stop shaking but she's still freaked out by the time she pulls up to Tom's house.

She jumps out of the car and runs to the front door, knocking loudly and praying that whoever is inside will hurry and answer. Someone does. She enters and relaxes.
Meanwhile, back in the car -Resize Pictures Online extricates herself from the floor in the backseat.
Resize Pictures Online leaves the car and walks up to the door. Rings the doorbell. Tom answers.
"Resize Pictures Online! There's a little you at the door!"
Resize Pictures Online is confused. She kicked out Resize Pictures Online. Then she sees Resize Pictures Online.
Resize Pictures Online: How did you get here? Where's Mom?
Resize Pictures Online laughs. "Mom's not here. I was in the car the whole way. By the way, you sing off-key."
Resize Pictures Online calls Resize Pictures Online. In a shaky voice she says, "I had a stowaway. I was singing in the car. Loud. What do I do with it now?"
Resize Pictures Online: "Play with it?"
Resize Pictures Online: "!"
Resize Pictures Online: "I'll come and pick it up in an hour or so."
Resize Pictures Online: "Why in an hour?"
Resize Pictures Online: "I want a really great blog post."

I feel a little guilty but it was the funniest thing the middle kids have ever done in tandem.
You're a good sport, Resize Pictures Online.


Amy said...

That was really funny! and well done with the little avatars. Please congratulate your little ones on a superb prank--but do it in a way that tells them it was very, very naughty. LOL

Kaye said...

Yup. I like all the avatar use, as well. Poor A. Don't let her talk to Parker. He is ready for a Zombie Apocalype. That'll really freak her out.

.:Anna:. said...

Um That is hilarious. Why did I never think of this..