Dec 14, 2011

Wordful Wednesday and Clever Much? Rarely!

Sometimes my brilliance blinds me! Speaking of brilliance, before we continue this discussion, if you are my mother in law, stop reading. Walk away. At least until after Christmas.

Seriously. My own mother doesn't read my blog. I think it has something to do with words like "socially awkward" and "mortifying." She knows me. She doesn't have to read about me. She can just pretend like I turned out normal.

Anyway, if the mother-in-law has exited the website, check out what she's getting for Christmas!

I'd like to give a special shout out to the internet and whatever site I was cruising through last week for planting this idea into my head. Usually not this creative and I definitely don't know where I got the energy to take the kids out for pictures. Or go to Walmart for the frame. And Robert's for the mat. Costco for the pictures. 

Yeah, I painted the frame, too.
So not my style.

I also ordered a canvas print for my husband but I can't remember which picture I used so he'll be surprised as will I. Please note the little one on the right and how happy he looks. I didn't do that, by the way. He fell down and hurt his palm. That's what he told me through the tears.

Ever notice that when a crying child is saying "palm," you hear "bum" and can't stop laughing? That may be why he looks sad and a little mad.

Coincidentally, why are bums so funny?

Fortunately,, we did get a few close shots of him before he fell on his "palm."

This isn't one of them but it might be what will be hanging on our wall 20" x 30" for the next ten years.

Although I'm really hoping I ordered other one.

What do you think?


CountessLaurie said...

TOTALLY STEALING THIS IDEA. But since I am at least 2000 miles away, no one will see both and say, oh you copied...

Until you move across the street, that is...

mCat said...

Since Countess is moving out HERE, she better hurry on her copying idea.. : )

What a good one! I used to think my own mother didn't read my blog until she started sending me emails after every post. No, no comments, just a private email. *shakes head*

Kristina P. said...

Your kids look great! My SIL did that Love picture for my Grandma one year, and it turned out awesome.

Kim said...

Had I known what a lovely gift that would make, I'd have had four children instead of three.

Would 'UGH' be inappropriate for the letters, or 'YUK'?

Hmm, 'HUH' might work. Too bad the girls are grown and gone.

Joan said...

Oh yea, I'm impressed. Look how handsome those children are.

Kaye said...

Love it. Totally.

Live From Mommyville... said... mum-in-law will love it.