Nov 28, 2011

Happy Birthday/Thanksgiving

The perks of having your birthday on a holiday is that it's an afterthought. It's put in parenthesis.

Happy Thanksgiving!
(And, oh, yes. It's Nancy's birthday)

Really bugged me when I was kid because I wanted to be queen for a day! Like that ever really happens. Now, I worked it to my advantage. There was no big party with streamers. I begged off a cake made by my husband. With all those pies, who would eat cake? The result was a couple of duets singing "Happy Birthday" in a few corners of my parents house as we were getting ready to leave.

The payoff was that, without a cake, I picked out the candles closest to my real age from the cupboard. We lit them, sang, I blew them out and opened presents.
AND - I got to sit at the grown-up table this year!  Yay!

I mean, I sat with the grown ups and the baby!
He left quite a mess in his wake but I didn't have to clean it up.

It was my birthday, after all.

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CountessLaurie said...

I am assuming that you are WAY younger than those candles indicate :-)