Oct 1, 2011

Where Can I Turn for Peace?

It is 4:18 in the afternoon. For 45 minutes I had peace. The house was quiet. Yes, the pile of clean laundry cried to me but I ignored it. I then went for a doctor's appointment and came home shortly after some of my children trickled in. But at this very moment, there are no less than 12 children wandering around my house, looking in cupboards and my refrigerator. I'm fairly certain someone will end up in my underwear drawer. I'm not even certain I know who all the children are. One of my children planned a scavenger hunt without my knowledge. Now I know. Thanks for the heads-up, Kiddo.

I have also been on the phone nearly constantly. Try being on the phone and answering questions by your own children, yelling at someone else's child to stop playing the piano, asking what is going on. It surprises me I haven't blown a gasket. I'm surprised I'm sitting here so calmly typing this while other people's children wander around me.

Scott called. How is my day? I like that call. Everything's fine. It's still quiet.

The hospital called. My mammogram needs to be scheduled. I can barely plan for tomorrow. I'm looking for my rarely written in planner. I scheduled it, anyway. It will be balanced between the delicate time that I LOVE after I am finished with work and before the children come home. The woman asked me if I have implants. I laughed and told her she wouldn't ask that if she saw me.

The moment I hung up, my dad called. We talked Kindle-talk then cancer talk. Mom's starting chemo again. She's not a happy camper. He asked me to come over. I told him I'd come as soon as I could kick out all these children who were suddenly fighting among themselves. Probably in a couple of hours. Hung up.

Becky called. She wants money for Relief Society activity. We talked about high school band. Hung up.

MaKayla called. She wanted to talk to my oldest daughter who is at the high school until late tonight working on band. Hung up. That was 8 minutes ago.

Can I block all calls except from my family for a couple of hours? Can I make my house appear invisible so nobody comes over for a day? Can I have a few quiet hours with just my children and husband and no calls, knocks or ringing of the bell?

All I know is the children are yelling again. Some at each other. Even the dog is happy to be outside.

Lucky dog.


Amy said...

I pray that your Mom handles the chemo well and that it works. I also pray that you find your peace, somehow, someway. I don't know how you juggle all your balls (ooo, that sounded dirty) and keep up with everything.

M-Cat said...

What a chaotic afternoon! I think I would have left the phone in a couch cushion and joined the dog outside!

Joan said...

The title brings a song to mind Page 129. hmmmm

Baby Making Mama said...

I hope your mom is doing well. How was your visit?

This post, made me smile. Oh man, I'm excited for the days where my house is chaotic and full of strangers kids. ...Ok maybe not. But you seem to have handled it well. My parents would have pretended to be nice them beat my butt once everyone left. haha.

By the way your first comment wasn't lost, but you are making me crack up here at work! Yes, you can be tan. I'll call you tan.

PS: Do you have caller ID? I love it cause you can ignore all but family when you want. Just don't tell my RS president...

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I think you need a Couch Potato intervention. I used to do this. The girls and I would have a weekend where we got dressed in jammies Friday evening and opened up the sofa bed. Ordered pizza. Played board games, read or watched movies. No phone calls. No friends. The goal was to not leave the bed, except for bathroom breaks.

It was relaxing and fun. A weekend without errands and obligations - sounds like you need one of those.