Oct 17, 2011

My Perfect Boyfriend

My husband is great guy but my boyfriend has characteristics that he does not. Not that I'm comparing or anything (maybe a little) but my perfect boyfriend:

  • Reaches out to me while he's sleeping. He pets my hair and smiles.
  • In his semiconscious state, leans over and kisses me. He tells me that he loves me.
  • He expects nothing in return.
  • He is communicative. He tells me absolutely everything.
  • When he has a secret he will tell me anyway. Because he loves me too much to keep a secret from me. 
  • He doesn't have discerning tastes. He'll eat a bowl of cereal for all three meals a day if I don't make him anything else.
  • He tells me I'm pretty every day. And he really believes it.
  • He spontaneously and joyfully jumps up suddenly to give me a hug. Multiple times a day.
  • He wants to spend every moment of every day with me. No part of his heart doesn't belong to me.
  • He loves everybody. Even though I'm his favorite. I can share.
Given, there are a couple of characteristics that might need a little work like:
  • Sometimes he pees the bed. And he's always in my bed.
  • He has a little bit of a potty mouth because he copies words he hears me say then tells me those are swear words. Thanks. I know.
  • He writes his "m" backwards and he skips 16 when he counts to 20.
  • He's messy. He's still learning how to clean.
  • Okay, maybe his heart has room to love Miss Robbins. Maybe it is a little bit broken because Miss Robbins got married last weekend.
  • And the cat. Yes, he does love the cat nearly as much as me. But I don't shed all over him. She does.
Still, I have to admit, my perfect little boyfriend, when his little quirks are outgrown and he gives up a little of his Oedipus Complex (I dread the day), he is going to make some little girl very, very happy.
Until that day - Ladies, eat your hearts out. He's all mine.


The Mecham Family said...

Great post. My little boy is the same way... I am dreading that day that he no longer tells me I'm pretty, or how he loves me "all the way to space"..

M-Cat said...

How cute! What's fun is that once they get all growed up, they tend to get back to the sweet little kid who tells you how great you are and how much they love you.