Sep 23, 2011

Island of Misfit Toys

Last night I had parent night at work. This is my shining moment where I stand up in front of all the parents that show up (usually under a handful but this year 31) and their students and give them a scintillating lecture of credits. It was awesome because the subject matter is so intriguing.

My turn over, I sat down and continued reading while someone else took a turn. Then we wrapped it up and herded them to the food. I heard someone call my name and a guy that looked familiar approached me. It was Matt, high school all-American in every sport, crushed on him BAD all through high school even though I was a year older than him, talked endlessly with my friends about his blue, blue eyes. He was standing in front of me, 28 years later. He still looked hunkadelicious, even without his Greg Brady perm.

I caught up with him again in the cafeteria where we talked a little more and tried to tie our social lives together with "have you heard what ever happened to..." but it fell flat. Finally he admitted, sheepishly, that the only people he really paid attention to during high school were the jocks and the cute girls. 

I wasn't a jock. 

Matt thought I was cute.

I'm still giggling.

*Disclaimer* Scott Taylor is the MOST hunkalicious of them all.


Anne C said...

I crushed on a guy with fabulous blue eyes in high school as well. He dropped out his junior year, despite my biology teacher putting us together as lab partners so that he would pass (the teacher told me this ahead of time--no joke. I was one of the few "smart" people in that class, and that is not a bragging point.)

SupaFlowaPowa said...

hahahahaaaa funny. love the disclaimer.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

That Matt guy may have been dreamy, but look who sticks by you - I agree, your husband wins the hunk competition.

Tonia said...

Oh yeah, you are totally cute ;)