Sep 22, 2011

The Crossing Guard

At school the children have been discussing community helpers. What that means is somewhat vague but the basic gist is that today they were to dress up as their favorite civil servant/community helper. Guess whose mother was at Lowe's last night looking for costume ideas? Guess whose mother, a geometrically and spatially challenged woman, worked until after 7:00 last night, went to Lowe's, and then had to challenge her brain with making a couple of octagons then cutting electrical tape into small squares and rectangles to form the words "STOP"?

Guess whose mom super glued her fingertips together?

Guess whose mom loves this little crossing guard?


M-Cat said...

I'm sadly overdue catching up on all my favorite blogs so I have lots to say
1. I'm so sorry about your Mom. Cancer does INDEED suck. Sucks fat man boob!
2. Love that Dr Seuss rhyme although I didn't like it much when my kids were little because then I could relate, however, now I find it hysterical
3. LOVE your little crossing guard. Well done Ma!

CountessLaurie said...

That is one fantastic crossing guard. Are your fingers still glued together?