Aug 17, 2011

Timer and a Tripod

The most challenging aspect of Christmas if finding a picture of the family for a Christmas card. I stopped sending rubber stamped updates years ago since "snark" didn't go over as well as you'd think. Nobody wanted to know how many of the neighbor children I'd successfully taught to swear by simply watching me chase the dog through the streets, waving a leash.

They can boast about their enterprising "Scentsy" home business and their child who nearly was a Sterling Scholar but I can't tastefully mention my daughter's new dating life trickling because I keep asking the young men to return on Monday nights to teach a lesson for Family Home Evening on virtue?

Still, I can't quite give up the family picture but there is always the issue of an acceptable picture with all family members in the frame looking respectable. So I bought a mini-tripod and gave myself the one minute lesson on camera timers on our last weekend vacation to Mirror Lake.

Notice anybody missing?

Three kids not looking at the camera and the photographer is still missing.

All family members accounted for. Four of the six not looking at the camera.

5 seconds is not nearly enough.

Four kids. Two adults. All six looking at the camera with a pleasant expression.

Yes, I did climb onto that rock and balance myself in the allotted 5 second window.

On the other hand, if I were to write the Christmas card right now, I might mention all the positives we are accomplishing and they are many and varied!


11 year old boy is perfecting his attitude to line up with the dictionary's definition of "surly."
6 year old boy talks non-stop unless he's asleep.
13 year old girl is teaching me how easy I had it when her older sister hit her teenage years.
16 year old is trying to shield her friends and dates from meeting her mother.
The father of the family is practicing patience and long-suffering. Emphasis on long-suffering.
The mother is working tirelessly to mortify all members of the family.

There you go. My Christmas card in August.

Merry Christmas!


Keep Your Sunny Side Up said...

Love it! You always help me feel so much better about child rearing, we must have been "typical", just like you!

CountessLaurie said...

I like the 4th one the best. It's unfortunate that you can't see the youngest's face, but he is the baby... he'll get over it with all the other disappointments in life :-)...

Love the pics. You have a beautiful family. Well done, Mama!!

Lin said...

I have a timer on my camera but have absolutely no clue how to use it, haha. I think the last one came out great & nice job with the balancing act!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I love the look on your oldest child's face in the third she giving you the stink eye?

Great job on the pics!

Sista In Arms Lxx said...

Needed a giggle today, thanks:) Lxx

M-Cat said...

Based on your children's progression this year, I'd say you are doing a damn fine job!

Love the pictures