Aug 9, 2011

The Mother who Can Do it All

Remember when you became a new mother and freaked out about every little germ that might enter your little one's environment? Or the way you wanted to protect the baby from all unpleasant sounds and negative stimuli? Did you play Mozart because you knew he'd grow up to be a genius? Sterilize all objects that might end up in his mouth?

Yeah. Me, too. For the first child. But may I present my sister and her fourth child:

No freaking out, here. It's just a BB gun but it does have a kick and it isn't a quiet shot.

Have you seen these hilarious little chairs that sits babies up?

I'm all about including all family members for meal time but I find my sister's exuberance to be nothing short of inspiring.

Meanwhile, up the street a block, my sister's attendance was required at a very well scripted play in a neighbor's driveway. The storyline, still a little fuzzy to me, included little 8 year old Hannah going off stage (behind the garage wall) and making sounds of screaming and grunting. She then emerged with the news that she's just given birth to a kitten. Yay for TLC cable station!

I want to move to my sister's neighborhood. 


June Freaking Cleaver said...

Wow, there's some weird pioneer spirit going on in that neighborhood.

The kitten thing is a bit weird - why not a baby doll? And who screams during childbirth?

Do you think they need to monitor the child's viewing habits a wee bit more? - although it may be too late, as the cat is already out of the bag, so to speak.

Abby said...

HAHAHA your sister cracks me up! Logan now wants to shoot a BB gun with our little one in tow. You are so right though; I don't think I'll let it happen with our first child, but maybe with our third or fourth :)

Natalie said...

Dear June,
Wouldn't you scream too if you gave birth to a kitten???

The proud grandma of a new baby kitten.

PS. I would say more, but I better go... my 8 year old is waiting for me to come and watch trashy tv shows with her! :P

SupaFlowaPowa said...

hahaha YES - except I'm only at my first kid 14 weeks in and we're already kinda letting loose and feeling bad that we're not as anal as first time parents. we went to a baseball game and when everyone else with kids left and we were the last ones still lugging our sleeping baby in the bjorn, we questioned whether we were being bad parents, shrugged it off and enjoyed the game late into the night. and yes bumbos are awesome hahahaha

.:Anna:. said...

I about died at this post-this is the one I was talking about. THe braces wasn't funny it was cute.

My little guy sits in his bumbo seat ON the table. The other day he looked around at each one of the kids I nanny. He looked at them in the face, then down to their plates of food. He lastly looked right at me, then at my food. Then he got the saddest, and I mean THE SADDEST frowny face I've ever seen and started bawling. It was like he realied he was the only one without lunch. Never mind he was 3 months old and has no teeth... he was still sad about it.