Jun 28, 2011

Sunday Flu

Nancy: I do not feel well.

Scott: What's wrong?

Nancy: Well, TMI time, it's my lower gastrointestinal system.

Scott: Why don't you want to go to church?

Nancy: Myriad of reasons but I really am sick.

Scott: Okay.

At church, I feel sweat dripping down my back.

Nancy: I'm going home. I feel like crap.

Scott: You know I'm teaching Sunday school today. I could use some encouragement.

Nancy: Go get 'em, Tiger. 'Bye.

Next day - texting:

Scott: Holy crap! What did you give me! I feel awful!

Nancy: Why don't you want to go to work today?

Scott: Groan.

Nancy: Bad news. It's not a one day thing.


June Freaking Cleaver said...

I hope you both feel better quickly, and don't pass it on to the young'ns.

Nobody wants a multitude of sick children to care for...you do enough laundry already.

M-Cat said...

I'm going on two weeks of it. CRAPPY! (literally)

Hope you feel better soon