Jun 29, 2011

The Rational, Sane Grown-Up

I was still having tummy cramps on Monday and feeling pretty crummy. Summer leaves my maternal side much to be desired as I don't know where all four of my children are at any given time. I can usually give an approximate location for at least three, though. My own personal hygiene suffers as well. But that's quite another matter.

A gaggle of 11 year old boys in the neighborhood bought a pass to a mini amusement park. When I say mini, think Disneyland the size of a postage stamp. When a mother of one of the boys called to inform me of this decision, she also included that there was a special going on where I could get $10 off. I respond well to peer pressure and a good deal so I quickly bought the pass and he was set for the summer.

Monday the group went to the park and all were admitted except my son.  Apparently, there were two passes and I bought the wrong one. He called me and I started to work the magic of figuring it all out while he waited for me. By the time I arrived, he'd been waiting for nearly an hour. He looked miserable. The other kids were going into laser tag and wouldn't be out for another half hour so I took him and his brother for a hamburger and ice cream then steered them toward the idea of going to see their cousins.

We arrived at my sister's house and I was starting to run down. My tummy hurt and I was beyond tired. Jene was just about to leave for Costco. "I'll stay here and watch the boys," I yawned. She left. I instructed the boys to be good and be quiet so the baby would stay asleep and then I crawled under a blanket on Jene's bed.

An hour later I could hear my sister talking on the telephone. She walked into her room and saw me. She backed out and closed the door behind her. I rolled over and tried to sleep again but I figured I might be needed and finally roused myself up. I found Jene who was talking to my sister in Arizona. She glanced up and said, "Okay. I'm going to talk to my other sister now," and hung up.

"Sorry about that. I just needed to talk to a sane, rational grown-up," she said.

"You knew I was here, right?" I asked.

"Of course. Why?"

"No reason."

I would have argued but I had just proved her point.


M-Cat said...

LOL - but in your defense, when your tummy hurts - who could possibly be sane and/or reasonable?

Parkers said...

Heeeyyy-- ok it is true