Jun 20, 2011

Gloria Gaynor Was Right

I may have neglected to let you know that my youngest child graduated from kindergarten. I am proud of both of us for surviving this year - He loved it very, very much. I survived one high schooler, one junior high schooler, one grade schooler, one kindergartener, and a job.

I'm not going to lie to you. It almost killed me. 

I will miss the time with this sweet guy.

But we survived one girl's first year of high school
One girl's first year in junior high
One boy's first year of school
And I am ever so grateful for my 5th grade son who puts up with a lot in this family.


My sentiments, exactly.


Joan said...

That is one beautiful little boy. I don't know how you did it either. Maybe it was the new van. I know that makes no sense but how else could you have done it?

M-Cat said...

Oh em gee - what a schedule you have had!