May 13, 2011

Still Ranting About Mother's Day

Apparently, I'm still going on about Mother's Day. Pretty sure I'm PMS-ing but it makes for good posts since Neurotic Nancy simply can. Not. Shut. Up.

So my friend, Kaye, is the in my congregation. She's also this freakin' amazing woman who can't hold still. Between you and me, I think if she didn't have 456 things going on, she might have a panic attack. I think she's secretly neurotic which simply fills me with glee! Not that she'll have a panic attack, just that I'm not alone.

Back to Kaye - she is on the city council, chases her dogs, Lewis and Clark, around the neighborhood while they go exploring, and took on the huge job of band director at the local high school while the regular band director took a long vay-cay in Iraq. He called it a "tour" but whatever. So she put her heart and soul into a group of some sixty kids, one of which is my own trumpeter, does the killer summer band camp, parades, concerts, competitions and whatnot and THEN fenagles the governor to nominate her group of kids to be in the 4th of July parade in 2012 in Washington, D.C.

Yay!  Jump up and down! She's so excited. But wait. She forgot that she's only killing herself to stave off her panic attacks (my words, not hers) for a year. Once G.I. Joe returns, she will have LOADS of free time. All she will have to do is care for her four high maintenance men, city council, and the 20 hours a week she spends doing boy scouts.

Meanwhile, Nancy is wondering how she is going to come up with $1200 for D.C. Then her other daughter tries out for color guard and makes it. She's going, too.

Oh, yeah, Kaye. I'm coming for you in every. Single. Fund. Raiser.

Is Kaye human? Does she have robotic parts? Did someone put a battery in her and only later discover it's Energizer? Nope. She's real. She hates Mother's Day, too. She wrote a blog post all about rebelling and skipping church, sleeping in, staying in her jammies, and allowing her husband to cook dinner while she played xbox or something.

Me? I'm the spiritual type. I went to church and felt completely uplifted.


Blogger A Musing Mother said...
Considered staying home but my girls were in the choir. They saved us a seat on the front row. I was 45 minutes late ON PURPOSE! Then my 16 year old asked me to PLEASE stop bringing electronic devices to her performances because it looks to her like I don't care. Then she started to CRY ABOUT IT! Because, dammit, I suck as a mother! She didn't say that part but I spent the rest of the day in just a ticked off mood.  Absolutely no segue here, but did you know another Jr high is looking for a band director?
May 10, 2011 6:52 AM
Blogger A Musing Mother said...
Interesting how I can't bring a teeny, tiny ipod touch (with scriptures) or a Kindle to a performance because it says to the 16 year old, "I don't care about you," even after taking her prom dress shopping, buying her shoes, getting a boutiniere (sp), taking her to get her hair done and even stopped at the drugstore so she could have gum to clean her braces out after dinner.  Speaking of dinner, I make it every night, drive them all wherever they need to go, give them clean clothes to wear every FRICKIN' DAY, juggle work, pick up crap all over the house, make holidays special (except Mother's Day), plan vacations, pack food, shop for all their needs and wants. . .  Don't bring an ipod or kindle because it proves that I DON'T CARE?! Nancy might have issues. Nancy might need to go see the happy doctor again. Nancy has a huge guilt complex. Nancy is talking in third person. Nancy has hijacked Kaye's blog. I really do suck. Delete
Blogger Kaye said...
You can hijack my blog anytime. My heck. . . I am still laughing! BTW. . . I look good in red, but I have a closet full of purple. See my dilemma? Anyway. I did not apply.


Blogger A Musing Mother said...

Nancy, who is still talking in third person because she is neurotic, is really a Caveman. She can sing the fight song with the clapping AND even do the cheer dance from 1983. Sometimes when Nancy is feeling sadistic, she makes students who claim to be from that high school attempt the fight song before she will post credit on their transcript.

And yet...

Different division. That's how I am coping. I look good in red. I look downright foxy in purple.

I'm sure you've already noticed that, though, haven't you?
May 10, 2011 10:40 PM

Next year I'm taking Kaye to Little America for brunch.


EmptyNester said...

My BFF is just like Kaye. And I hate her. LOL

From one neurotic mother to another- hilarious post!

Tonia said...

Ahhh, I love reading your posts and realizing that all those weird thoughts that creep in my head are normal....or at least shared ;)

Anne said...

I am laughing so hard I am crying.

M-Cat said...

You described my every day thought process. EVERY DAY! And then they grew up and went away. And I still can't shut the stupid head off

Kaye said...

My kids just asked me why I was laughing so hard. It's YOU. It's ALWAYS you.

For the record, the robot who usually does not sleep came home from this morning's 5K/10K Fundraiser and CRASHED. Beautiful sleep. . . ahhh. . . OK! Now I am awake!!!!

I am OK for this week because I have a concert and the next week I have two more concerts and the Awards Night and then the next we have graduation and my Colby leaves for the whole summer, but on June 6th I may cry all day. It'll be like the Mother's Day of old, before I found "The Way."

BTW. . . don't tell Joan. She said I should go to church and get two chocolate bars instead of one, but I think "The Way" is a better approach to Mother's Day!!!!!!!!