May 4, 2011

The Judgmental Educators

In my younger years I had a lot of judgment to dole out.  I sat above the crowd and looked down my nose at those parents who just didn't take their role seriously.  I am now one of the crowd in the arena.

My 6 year old informed me he wasn't going to kindergarten.  He wanted to stay home and play with me.


He's my 4th child, my last and I do enjoy a few stolen hours, just the two of us.

I arrived at work later that day to be greeted by my colleagues who were in a quandary. For various reasons, they all planned on taking the day off on Friday.  Could I possibly come all day that day instead of my usual half day. "Sure," I replied.  "If I can't find someone to pick up my son, I'll do what I did today and just keep him with me all day."

Five women, including my two bosses, entered suspended animation. All action ceased. All eyes on the mutant mother.

"You seriously do that?" one judgmental colleague asked.

My dear, dear friend, Angela, quipped, "And it's not the first time she's done it this year, either."  All mouths gaped just a little bit wider.

Thanks, Ange.

"And I suppose neither of you (pointing to the two women - both my bosses -that have children of various ages) have never checked a child out of school early to babysit for a half hour?" Expressions changed to horror.  I was a complete freak of nature claiming to be an educator.

I panicked and went for broke.  I unscrewed the cap of my Diet Coke, turned to leave the office and called out, "Thanks for the rum, Angela!  You're right.  It does make Diet Coke taste better!"

If I'm going down, I'm not going alone.


Anne said...

It's not the checking a child out half an hour that either bothers or concerns me, it's the "home schooling" parents that are using their older ones to babysit the younger ones so they can do what they want. Actually, what probably surprised your colleagues the most is that you ENJOY being with your kids, like I do. That is amazing and incomprehensible to so many people.

Anne said...

Sorry, let me clarify. I know many fabulous home schooling parents that are attentive and work hard with their kids. I was referring to the "others"...

The Mecham Family said...


M said...

You do what you gotta do! I was the bad mom that checked her kids out for "an appointment" and we went to the movies.

Meh - they are grown and good men and doing good things with their lives and we all love each other.

TO each his own I say - I am too busy beating my ownself up over stupid things than to take time to judge someone else.

CountessLaurie said...

I have learned to my judgy mcjudgester dismay, that whenever I say I would never or my kids would never... we do. So, I don't say that any more.

I took my kids out of school the week after school vacation to take them to disney. I stink.

P.S. I love that you took Angela down with you... perfect!!!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

They should be glad that you're willing to come in all day, so they can enjoy a day off.

They shouldn't judge until they've walked a mile in your footwear of choice (make sure they pinch).

Scott said...

You let our son skip kindergarten!!?? Guess I don't need to save for his college now since he'll never get admitted any place.

Keep Your Sunny Side Up said...

Nancy, you are an awesome mom! I totally support planned school excuses. I did it myself.

Sandy said...

I am right there with you-Kennedy got up at 2 am to watch the Royal Wedding with me. About 4 am she asks if she could sleep in and go to school late. 10:40 am she wakes up- it is too late for her to make it to school by her goal of 11:15 am. She is high maintenance will not leave the house until everything is perfect. She asks if she could just skip the day. I agreed- all for the Royal Wedding!