Feb 22, 2011

Polygamy and My Narcissism

Cody Brown has left the state of Utah.  Law enforcement began investigations regarding his possible practice of Bigamy.  Well, duh.  

In case you missed it, TLC has been filming Cody and his four wives for a season.  Truthfully, he isn't legally practicing polygamy.  It's more like, in the eyes of the law, he has a wife who has accepted three of his girlfriends into her life and agreed that it's okay for him to have children with them and live in their house, albeit somewhat separated.  They are spiritually wed and living in relative harmony.  No child brides.  The children attend public school along with the polygamist school in a nearby town.  That part is all legal.  And fascinating to non-Mormons.

HBO airs a show called "Big Love."  One fictional man living in Salt Lake City, practicing polygamy and belonging to a church that shot off the mainstream Mormon a few generations ago.  Again, another big winner for those who are fascinated.  Mostly non-Mormons.  

I don't begrudge the man who wants to live the way he does and the four women who believe in this way of life but I never EVER want this practice to become legal.  This leads me to Prop. 8.

I know I'll catch flack even mentioning this hot button issue but I think it is important clarify why I am a strong supporter of Prop 8.  You've heard the whiners.  Mormons hate gays.  Then there's the rhetoric.  God loves all of his children.  Here's the honest to goodness truth.  I don't care. 

Just to clarify the details of Prop 8, it states, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."  That's it.  That one little sentence is what all the fuss is about.  The gay people heard, "You can't get married because you are less than human."  And then all hell broke loose.  

So how does this relate to Cody Brown, you might ask?  Prop 8 states the couple as singular individuals (redundant, I know).  Just in case you didn't know this, polygamy to Mormons is like the creepy uncle living in our basement.  Most likely, if you look far enough back, you will find polygamy in our ancestry.  It is far too real for us to ignore.  We never want that creepy uncle to be accepted into society.  He gives us the eebie jeebies.

The reason for polygamy in the Old Testament was to mostly raise up a righteous generation.  Let's be honest, too.  Even in a prophet's house/tent, the wives and concubines struggled with getting along.  Look at Jacob/Israel.  

In case I haven't been clear, I am not altruistic.  The world revolves around me.  Hypothetically speaking, let's say we legalize same sex marriage.  Unless I missed something in Biology, it still takes X and Y to make a baby.  Bill and Jim will never be able to make a baby.  They may be able to raise a baby but that's not the point.  You need a baby in order to raise a child.  Anybody who has entered the adoption game knows that babies are not easy to come by.  Worst case scenario (and I'm always about worst case scenario - Hello?  Neurotic, people!) the population of the United States shrinks due to attrition.  The Super Power lacks punch because we're not replacing ourselves with children.  So then we substitute the marriage definition to include a man and women in an effort to repopulate.

Enter Britni.  Britni spells her name by dotting her "i" with a star or heart. Or Ashli, Mackenzie or whatever name is the flavor of the month. Britni is young and perky.  Britni wants to marry someone established.  Okay, so I'm finished producing fruit of my womb.  My womb is retired.  But Britni clearly has much to offer and she's making moon eyes at my husband.  The civic duty is to produce righteous spawn.  Hubby's pretty righteous and he has fantastic taste in women.  

Argue all you want about my logic but bottom line is that Prop 8 has nothing to do with the gay community.  It's all about me.  And creepy Uncle Cody.  And I am none to keen to share my husband. Go ahead.  Judge me.


Rachel said...

Not about to judge!

My experience with my LDS friends is that they are like you - a little weirded out by the poly background in the faith.

I think you are right about what gays heard with Prop 8. I live in a liberal state, so the rights of marriage are already pretty much granted to any "life partner".

Thanks for blogging about it honestly!

(And don't you love how all those women are every bit as jealous as you know every woman would be? ;)

Klin said...


Love how you wrote this. I totally agree. I think people hear what they want to and then run with it before they really think about it.

I do admit that I kinda liked watching Cody Brown and his wives on TV. It was pure voyeurism and trying to figure out how they could do it. I am too selfish.

Scott said...

I start making comments on your blog and then you write this! OY!

No thanks...no comment on this one!


Anne said...

You know, I really, really like your husband....LOL!

The Mecham Family said...

Thank you for sharing your view. And I love the way you write!

Tonia said...

I've kind of chuckled before when you brought up polygamy (I think it had to do with a date?) mostly because I grew up around it. My dad was born into a polygamist group. Ran away, met my mom, joined the LDS church and started trying to reconnect with his family. I wasn't raised in it by any means but we use to visit Colorado City a week out of the summer and every Thanksgiving. We also had A LOT of kids who ran away from it living at our house from time to time. Most of them are pretty amazing....a lot are creepy uncles....literally.

Tonia said...

You make me laugh. Seriously, that's why your post was so fun to read. It was like you were channeling my thoughts...
I'm going to have to get Anna to fix my reply cause I have no idea how to do it. She is the one that keeps all our blogs up and going!

Amy said...

I feel the same about the polygamy thing!

.:Anna:. said...

I am not sure how to get rid of a comment you posted?! Make Nancy delete it ;) Or check to see if you can go back over and find a trash can click thing ... whatever that is ...

that sentence was not worth Reading, but at leaset your blog is

SupaFlowaPowa said...

hahahahhaa I love it!!!!! I love this new perspective. You know - Chinese people used to always practice polygamy but it was way worse - like in Joy Luck Club when rich men would rape women and then force 'em to be their second or third wives and then big wife would take the kid and make it theirs - and big wife was always in charge. I dunno - call me silly and Chinese but because of that - polygamy wasn't an issue when I investigated the Church - like come on, I grew up with tons of Chinese soap operas dated back to the time when men had long braids - this was nothing new to me! hahahaha