Feb 16, 2011

Just One More Chapter

I love reading.  I make no excuses that I am a nerd and a book whore.  I'm sorry.  I had to get it out.  It stuns me when people don't understand this addiction.  Like my husband.  He's a well educated, intelligent, accomplished man.  He reads the paper, his scriptures, lesson manuals, and an occasional book.  Novels?  Rarely.  But I don't get why he doesn't read books more.  More than 4 books a year.  I'm not being critical of him.  I just don't get it.

I am an educator.  I am surrounded by people who loved learning and reading so much they decided to make it their profession.  Right?  Well, not so much.  Last graduation I packed a book in my purse and sat through the welcome, the talks, the song, the announcing of the names (okay, I stood up on the stage for that part and shook hands) and yada, yada.  The graduates march outside where there is much hugging and Kodak moments and eventually they return their caps and gowns at the table and collect the real diploma.  We're down to the last few whose grandparents flew in from Tonga and all the aunts and uncles are piling leis made out of saran wrap and candy.  More hugging.  More kissing.  And we're just standing there when Allison leans over to me and says, "I'm going to go find someplace to read."  She opens her purse and shows me her book.  We find a quiet patch of grass out of the way and sit down.

"Nancy!  Allison!  What are you doing?  You actually brought books?  It's summer!" or "What are you reading?" Hello!  We're educators.  Have some respect.  Obviously, we can't read and talk at the same time.  They've spent all school year with us.  I really, really, really want to find out what happens to Katniss, Peta, and Gale.  See, Allison and I "get" each other.

My husband, and incidentally, others believe it is a simple task to simply close a book and go to bed, eat dinner with the family, or whatever it is they think I should be doing.  The ending is going to be the same.  The story is still going to be there when I return and all the other stuff they say to ridicule my intellect.  Clearly, it is a jealousy issue.  I look incredibly sexy behind a book.

But let's go back to that reasoning - the ending will still be the same and the story is still going to be there.  I've tried to explain that it will eat at me until I find out what happens but to no avail.  Today I came up with a fantastic object lesson, at least for my husband's benefit.  Next time we DVR a football game and offensive is fourth and goal, the quarterback's arm is cocked to pass, the game is hinging on this play, I'm going to turn the t.v. off.

What?  The outcome is the same.  It's still going to be there when you get back to it tomorrow morning.  Different mood?  Endorphins will be worn off?  Have to back it up two plays to remember what the specifics are?  Ahhh.

Now excuse me.  Just one more chapter.


EmptyNester said...

Our girls and I are all avid readers! Hubs, not so much. He and I both come from a long line of educators and readers. It's always been funny to others that they see our girls with their noses in books every where they go...you know, carry it with you just in case you get a lull long enough to pull it out and read!

Scott said...

Y Chromosome perspective:

I can't believe I'm commenting. I'd vowed never to do so. The truth is, and Nancy knows it, it would not bother me on titch to pause a ball game at that point IF it were recorded. Live, not so much. Books are recorded, they are NOT happening now. Dinner is happening now and I'm hungry. (How's that for insensitive male?)

PS It's also funny to me how commneting on how beautiful my wife was when young...especially considering it was noticed in a picture she carefully saved for decades of her sucking face with a hot young man that was not me...turns into me being that same insensitive male who wants to eat dinner instead of read a book.

This husband job is confusing sometimes. :) Sorry dear, like it or not, you were so stunning in that picture I didn't even notice the guy on your lips.

All my love babe.


CountessLaurie said...

X, Y or Z chromo - doesn't matter. Either you are a reader like us or you are not. My husband doesn't get it, my girlfriend co-worker doesn't get it. They are not readers like me. I get it.

Scott said...

It's okay. I happen to love people that are readers even if I don't get them. I wouldn't change her a bit!


Joan said...

I hear you girl. I usually wait until Wayne leaves for work to turn on the Kindle, then when he goes to sleep at night I really dig in too. I guess it takes one to know one.

Keep Your Sunny Side Up said...

Nancy, just the other day Ray, Katie and I sat in the same room together engrossed in our own books. The thing we love to do together is read our books. At home, on the mountain, at the lake, in the car. The only problem is, Katie and Ray actually go to a ball game to watch it, I go to read.