Feb 14, 2011

Being Part of a Community

A benefit of being a blogger is becoming part of a community and meeting people I'd never known existed.  Some of these new relationships have developed into cherished friendships.  Blogging has become more than just a hobby.  I now have friends that I am actively seeking ways to meet.  If you know what I mean, stand up and holler!

One of my friends showed up on my radar about a year ago.  I don't know when or how but it feels like she and I have been friends for years.  She is simply one of those women that is genuine and someone I want to tell all my secrets to because she is so accepting and and Christ-like.

Turns out Amy lives her beliefs.  She and her husband have six children.  That, in and of itself, is service personified.  But a few years ago both of these people felt a pull to travel to Zambia.  How they found Zambia on the globe, let alone on a map is a mystery to me, but they felt spiritually led.  Long story short, they found a great need for raising the next generation of children without hope.  They started small. They opened an orphanage.
Are they just the cutest little things?

The truth is they are not all true orphans.  These little guys are born into incredible poverty.  If a mother dies in childbirth, a father can not care for the child.  Formula is not a common staple for this third world country.  

Tom and Amy, using the forced labor of their own children, take in any child under the age of 2.  Proof of orphan status is not required.  They offer safety, healthy food, medical care, education, and lots of hugs.  These babies are not for adoption.  Politics are not such that you get to choose one of these sweethearts and take him (Peter) home.  Although I may have one picked out if I ever get to Zambia and can safely kidnap him.  Tom and Amy are investing in tomorrow.  These cutie-pies are Zambia's future doctors, teachers, engineers, or orphanage directors.  No pressure, kids.

I've been following Amy's blog and emailing her and I feel invested in the work they have begun.  When one of the babies gets sick, Amy blogs and asks for prayers.  Sometimes they die.  Not all of the children are healthy when they arrive.  HIV rears its ugly head on occasion.  I've been known to emit sobs while reading Amy's blog late at night.  

For the most part, the blog is an incredibly uplifting experience.  Oddly, Amy doesn't use her blog for fund raising purposes.  Every year the Morrows travel to the states and do their heavy fund raising through congregations in a months time.  I know I should probably know this, but I have no idea what the Morrow's religious affiliations are.  They are simply followers of Christ and lovers of Zambian children.
This is Tom and Amy's son, casually eating his mangoes while holding a semi-venomous snake at bay.  I don't know why.

This year's fund raising was disappointing.  Last year they operated the orphanage at 50% of what they needed.  I don't know why Tom and Amy do not actively seek donations through their blog but they have a little "donate" button on the right side.  

Please consider offering a donation to the Kazembe Orphanage.  It is a non-profit charity and you will be sent a receipt for tax write-off purposes.  Spend some time getting to know Amy and reading about her African Adventure.  It is heartwarming, hilarious, uplifting, and interesting. Kazembe Orphanage.

This blog post was composed, written, and published without the consent of Kazembe Orphanage, or Tom and Amy Morrow.  In fact, they don't have a clue!  

Don't you just love blog communities?


Tonia said...

That was a good wake up call this afternoon as I sit here in my warm house dripping snot on the keyboard and sporatically coughing. Time to stop feeling sorry for my little cold and get some things done. And thank you for sharing the blog. I will head over that way and see what I can do.

Isha Shiri said...


There really are wonderful and dedicated people to help others. I'll make a donation in support for the orphanage and communication to my friends and associations in my community.

A nice idea is to create a page 'Help this Cause' by the institution on Facebook to spread to friends etc.. But that can only be done by creating an account for the community and giving specific information, of course it only administrators of the orphanage can this.

I wish you peace,

Adelle 'Isha Shiri "