Feb 4, 2011

Being Dethroned

I've always been my dad's favorite child.  Although he denied for years, the evidence was obvious to my sibs and me.  He took me on outings, he gave me small gifts, he let me accompany him to his office where he saw patients and I cleaned the office all day, walked downtown to Trolley Square, and he took me out to lunch - things like that.  I have accepted it and occasionally rub it in a sister's face.  Because I'm mature like that. 

My dad often picks up my son from school and brings him home because I'm his favorite daughter and all.  Last week he came inside and talked.  I told him we joined the city rec center. 

"How much did it cost you?"


"That's about what I pay."

"For you and Mom?"

He looked guilty.  "No."

"Oh."  He was on a grandparent plan and paying for my older sister's family, too.

He told me I could use his car while my van was getting fixed since my customization last month.

"Which car?" I asked.

"I only have one car."

"What happened to the Avalon?"

"It's at college."

That's when it hit me.  I'd been dethroned.  My niece had dethroned me as the favorite daughter.  Being the mature adult that I am I wailed, "I've been dethroned!" 

"No, no.  You haven't been dethroned.  Lindsey just needs a little more help."

"You're helping her because you pity her."


"Is that why I was the favorite daughter all those years?"


"No, no.  Of course not."


Joy R3FitShow said...

Wow your dad seems like he has a giving and loving heart.

EmptyNester said...

Man! This post made me that much happier that I am the only girl in our family! LOL

CountessLaurie said...

I am still the favorite. But my family is not as healthy as yours. We do not discuss it AT ALL with the sibs. They just think I am spoiled...

bwaa haaa haa...

M-Cat said...

This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Your poor dad being on the spot and all.

I'm pretty open about which one is my favorite kid. WHichever one isn't annoying me, pissing me off, or being a jerk.

Tonia said...

I'm calling my mom right now and asking exactly WHY I'm the favorite!!