Jan 7, 2011

Statistical Musings and the Laws of Physics

Why do we bounce when we have to pee? Don't we understand that this only makes it worse?

What is in the cosmos that makes the inevitability of a telephone call, ring of the doorbell, or children 100% when I have either sat down to go to the bathroom or just started to snooze.

Why is there toilet paper, torn in long strips and laid carefully in a 3' x 3' square on my kitchen floor?

What rule of physics dictates that the more proud I feel about a clean room, the sooner it will be hit by a child hurricane?

If six people go on vacation, what is the statistical probability that between 3-5 will take a toothbrush?

Why does it take until day 5 or 6 of said vacation for the mother to discover that child/ren did not bring a toothbrush?

Is there a rule someplace that I missed reading in the annals of parenting that guarantees that I will have to explain every little thing I do?  For instance, in the bathroom - "What are you doing?" or "When are you coming out?" or just barging in?

White shirts and spaghetti sauce.  Need I say more?


Amy said...

Oh, those are all so familiar.

Crystal said...

Absolutely spot on!! I call it Murphy's Law...but the law of physics works too. I haven't pee-ed alone in years, and what is with the no-toothbrush-thing?? At least it's not just happening in my house!!

CountessLaurie said...

physics stinks.

Kristina P. said...

I hate that Murphy's Law.

Kee said...

I love your blog, Joan suggested that I check it out and I am glad I did. What about all of the skills through motherhood...like being able to tie a toddler's shoe while peeing, negotiate world peace (or get two children to stop fighting) while peeing, do a yoga stretch to reach the toilet paper that was placed by the door and not on the rod after the child laid a 3 by 3 square...ah motherhood.