Jan 28, 2011

Adolescent Female

Chipper and creative with a positive attitude and high hopes
She walks the tightwire of emotion
Then trips the land mine
Disproportionately hostile and angry, lashing out over who turns off the television.
"I don't want to do my homework."
"I don't want to clean my room."
"I don't want to practice my instrument."
"Why is everyone ALWAYS picking on me?!"
Wanting to do as her sister does yet yearning to remain a child.
She dances with abandon even when she knows we are watching.
Sneaking into her mother's make-up adding just a hint of color.
Wanting what she can not have
Leaning toward childhood
Her body poised on the launching pad of womanhood
Seeking identity
Laughing, crying, yelling, squealing.
An inclusive dichotomy
Her whole much greater than the sum of her parts.


Amy said...

That is beautiful!

CountessLaurie said...

That is lovely. And too true!! I so see myself in there.