Dec 1, 2010

Pop Quiz

What I really want to do while driving home from work/at work:
a. Referee a fight over the telephone
b. Try to understand a crying child over the telephone
c. Yell at a child for untuning another child's viola because she is angry at her
d. Get hung up on
e. Just drive and listen to the tunes.

What I really want to do for the first hour after coming home from work:
a. Teach myself how to tune a viola; an instrument I had never touched before 6 months ago.
b. Tune the viola without a tuned piano or metronome.
c. Chase a neighbor child out of house since children can not play.
d. Clean up the fort of chairs and blankets in living room and discover popcorn kernels in the carpet fibers.
e. Read a good book.

Things I never thought I'd hear myself say:
a. "Who do you think cleans it up, the tooth fairy?"
b. "Get off my head, please."
c. "What is that smell coming from your backpack?"
d. "Just use your shirt."
e. "Dear, tonight is 'Young Women in Excellence' at the church for the girls and parents.  NOT IT!"

Places I never thought I'd allow my boys to pee:
a. The side of the highway in a traffic jam
b. In a Coke bottle.
c. In a parking lot
d. Standing from the van, shooting to the weeds.
e. The backyard.

Things I didn't picture myself doing twenty years ago:
a. Donning a brown scout shirt and repeating the Law of the Pack
b. Canning spaghetti sauce
c. Wearing my nightgown to drive 15 year old to early morning seminary.
d. Clipping coupons
e. Counting heads instead of remembering names
f. Calling one of the children by the dog's name.

What I miss sometimes:
a. Watching t.v. - my choice of program
b. Intimacy with my husband without having to lock the door.
c. Intimacy with my husband without having to listen for feet outside the door.
d. Going to the bathroom alone and without the telephone ringing, the doorbell ringing, or someone knocking.
e. Finishing.  Anything.
f. Sitting down for dinner without hearing, "This is gross!" or "What else do we have?"

Television programs I gave up or DVR and watch late at night because of questionable content:
a. Seinfeld
b. Modern Family
c. Chuck (okay, we sometimes still watch that one)
d. The last few episodes in ever season of "So You Think You Can Dance."
e. Desperate Housewives.  Not a big sacrifice.
f. Cheers reruns

Television programs we watch now:
a. Mythbusters
b. American Idol
c. So You Think You Can Dance - until the choreographers get too raunchy
d. Clone Wars
e. The Middle
f. Some "Chuck."

What I think I will miss in 15 years:
a. Scouts
b. Spontaneous hugs
c. The third person in our bed
d. Clean smelling kids after a bath or shower
e. Conversation about stuff I take for granted
f. Parent Teacher Conferences


Artfreak said...

"counting heads instead of remembering names"
That made me laugh :)

Kadi said...

When I was a teenager I promised myself that I would never say "When you're the mother you can (eat extra cookies, watch movies late at night, make your own rules, etc, etc.)" because it drove me crazy when my parents said it. Ya, that promise has been broken over and over and over again. This whole quiz made me laugh. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.

Tonia said...

You're really going to miss parent teacher conferences?
I just sold our Office seasons online due to questionable content. Sigh.....

M-Cat said...

Oh how funny! I promise, this too shall pass and then it's absolutely GLORIOUS when they grow up and move out!


I was just going through some blogs when I found yours. What a terrific blog you have! I will definitely be coming back to read more.

Kat said...

I never thought I would allow my DAUGHTER to learn how to pee down a drain. But anything goes when a kid has to pee and there isn't a restaurant in sight. That's Europe for you!
I think I will end up missing the noise. Right now it usually gives me a headache, but I know I will miss it when it is gone...