Dec 17, 2010

A Day in the Life

6:40 - 15 year old wakes me up to take her to early morning seminary.
6:42 - Driving to high school, realize I don't have on shoes.
6:44 - Check if I put on pants.
7:00 - Wake 13 year old up.
7:45 - Take 10 year old to school.
7:55 - Junior high carpool.
8:15 - Eat breakfast and lounge with 5 year old.
9:10 - Clean out 5 year old's backpack.  See calendar.  I'm scheduled to help in class today.  In a half hour.
9:15 - Drop off 5 year old at kindergarten.
9:17 - Jump in shower.
9:19 - Jump out of shower
9:39 - Run into school to volunteer.
9:41 - 5 year old kisses me.  This repeats every 3 minutes for the duration of my stay.
9:42 - Tape candy canes onto books.
9:45 - Listen while the teacher talks about the letter "q."
10:00 - Help children write the letter "q" along with words that start with "q." Explain to little boy that Christmas does not begin with "q" and isn't pronounced "Quistmas."
10:30 - Teacher asks me to do recess duty so she can finish testing children.
11:15 - Remember the potluck today at work.
11:20 - Make roll dough, rise (sort of), plop onto cookie sheet.
11:57 - Back at school, checking out 5 year old.  Santa Claus is coming to daycare.  At noon.
12:10 - Traffic stops on the freeway. Maneuver off exit to drive to scenic route.
12:20 - Usual scenic route is thwarted due to a bridge closure.
12:21 - 5 year old starts to cry.  He might miss Santa.
12:40 - Squeal minivan into parking lot, run inside, turn on oven, drag 5 year old around school looking for Santa. 
12:58 - Take out rolls.  Hockey pucks.
1:00 - Find Santa. Eat potluck.
1:30 - Leave work.
2:00 - Home.
2:30 - 10 year old comes home.  Give him a kiss, inform him he's in charge and return to work.
3:10 - Squeal into parking lot again.  Run into school.
3:15, 3:28, 3:45 - phone calls from home.
4:00 - Husband just got home.  End of calls.
5:15 - Colleague returns.  Boss calls me old (see previous post)
5:17 - Drive home.
6:00 - Orchestra concert at junior high.
7:00 - Young women at church.
8:30 - Start the process of getting kids to bed.
9:30 - Running low on Diet Coke. And milk. Go to grocery store.
9:44 - Run into condescending woman from childhood.  Catch her up on my life.  She pats my head and sagely says, "Enjoy them while they're young."
9:46 - Fantasize bit** slapping her.
10:00 - Read until midnight. Or later.

Repeat daily.


Amy said...

Did she really pat your head?? You have my full permission to b&&&h slap her. I hate being touched that way!

You must live really close to work and school. Those times were so close.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I'd need Xanax after a day like that - are they all so fraught with transportation and deadlines?

God knew what he was doing when he didn't give ME four kids all living at home.

I hope you get some rest during your Christmas break.

Anonymous said...

It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

M-Cat said...

Nnice to know that anon was so informed and helped by your schedule : )

And, days like this ( every day) is why God created diet coke

Emily from UK said...

Hi, I'm a subscriber and I love this post of yours. Thank you for sharing.

Tonia said...

Laughing out loud at the end there. Didn't see it coming. So nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks that sometimes!

CountessLaurie said...

Since you clearly do not have the time, I am going to schedule a nap in my day, just for you :-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite trap sheet. Thank you(Charlxtz)