Nov 29, 2010

Shopping and Black Friday

Once upon a time there was a lady of indeterminate age that was the mother of one little girl and pregnant with her second little girl.  Although not normal, she possessed a few organizational skills others lacked.  One great accomplishment was that she had finished her Christmas shopping by the time her second child was born on October 21st.  She also worked full time and somehow managed to take her daughters to the library for story time, organized play group and a cooperative pre-school with other mothers, and she made matching Easter dresses for them two years in a row.  This was momentous since she did not really sew.

Thirteen years later that same woman is high strung and ready to snap.  She stopped sewing dresses after the second Easter with two daughters and found a store that had matching dresses and played that game for a few years.  Now they are teenagers.  She no longer does much of the twinsies thing.  For them.  Unfortunately for her two boys, Old Navy carries twinsies clothes in different sizes.  Some habits die hard.

Black Friday dawned at 12:00 a.m. and found my sisters, mother, and a few nieces and nephews at Walmart ready to snatch the deals.  The aforementioned crazy lady did not join them.  However, at 10:00 a.m., the crazy lady realized she had nothing for Christmas for anybody and started her power shopping.  For two straight days she ran from store to store trying to snatch those good deals without being murdered by suburban housewives and automaton husbands.  She carried her bags and bags from store to store, peeking over shoulders of others to see what ads and coupons they had then running off.  At 6:00 p.m. on Saturday night, the crazy lady came home with her hair a mess, mascara running down her face, different socks on her feet, and carried in most of the merchandize from Costco.  She announced she was finished.

One hour and a shower later, the husband took the crazy lady out to dinner for adult conversation.  The crazy lady steered clear of any shopping talk then casually directed this husband to Old Navy to "just pick up a couple of things."  Halfway through the picking up of a couple of things, Crazy Lady ran into her sisters.  They were looking pretty crazy, too.  Husband looked miserable.  Now husband knows why his wife is so crazy and no longer makes frou frou dresses for her little girls.  Mostly because they are teenagers.

Peace on Earth and all the crap.  Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


June Freaking Cleaver said...

You are far braver than I. I've been shopping on Black Friday just one time, two years ago.

If it's ever suggested again, I'll use the excuse that I have an appointment for a root canal without the benefit of anesthesia - less pain there.

Jeanie said...

I considered going to Old Navy @ midnight, but I was in Idaho and didn't know how to get there by myself, so instead I slept. I did go Friday afternoon (along with other stores) and got a lot of awesome deals! Black Friday shopping is a bitter sweet thing. And I always go! Good job on getting your Christmas shopping done in one day!

M-Cat said...

Once upon a time - I too did the crazy Black Friday.
meh - not so much anymore.

Cherished Emblems said...

I stay in and shop online!

CountessLaurie said...

Yeah, I am not a shopper. Does that make me weird. Somewhere around the third week of December, the imminence of Christmas will strike and I will go buy a couple things. Luckily the 7 and 5 year old love anything and aren't too picky.

My only goal every christmas is to not be wrapping on Christmas Eve. Still trying to accomplish that. One of these days...