Nov 5, 2010

I Can't Come to the Door Right Now

Kitchen bar stools are used for everything at our house.  Throw a few quilts over them, you have a clubhouse.  Line them up, there's a spaceship or train.  Put a 3 year old on one, and it becomes just the right height for her to fall and break her collar bone.  

It's a desk.  It's a table.  It's a museum.  It's a cage, although not effective for the dog. Photobucket
At least the dog can still crawl through.

Think I can teach her to answer the door?


Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

I think you have just happened upon a glorious new excuse to do nothing.

Amy said...

The age when a couple chairs and a blanket can entertain for hours is a wonderful one.

M-Cat said...

If she could just grow that opposable thumb - all your problems would be solved!

CountessLaurie said...

I am curious if you speak from experience about three year old collar bones?