Nov 8, 2010

How to Get to Know Your Child Better (without her knowing it)

  1. Offer to drive her and friends someplace and listen to their conversation.  Become invisible.
  2. Clean out her backpack.
  3. Clean her room.

Trust me. This is much, much MUCH cleaner.

And I know her secrets.


CountessLaurie said...

I first read this in my email and the picture didn't come through. I spent a good three minutes analyzing what you meant by "Trust me, this is much much cleaner."

I thought you were being metaphorical. (Is that a word?)

It's cleaner than my kids rooms.

Tonia said...

I love that my kids are still young enough to not realize that if they are upstairs and we are downstairs (or in another room) we can still hear them. Makes me laugh

Gina said...

I'm thinking that I might just go and spring clean my angel daughters bedroom and see what I can find out!!!