Oct 20, 2010

Proof that I tried

While the big boys were surfing this weekend, the little boy and the girls had our little party, too.  We went to Park City, Utah and rode on the Alpine Slide.

We bought the tickets and stood in a line to get on the chair lift.  For one hour and 10 minutes.  Then we rode the chair lift up the mountain.

Then we got off the chair lift midway up the mountain and stood in line for a sled. For 30 minutes.
Then we stood in line to sit in the sled before starting.

Five minutes from the moment the teenager informed us with absolutely no affect to keep our hands and feet in the sled at all times, use the brake so the sled doesn't flip, and have fun, we arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

On the drive home, my 5 year old begged to stop at a local park so he could go down the "real slide."


Tyne said...

Oh! That brings back such memories... when I was in High School I danced with Ballet West and I just now remember that slide. Glad you had fun, maybe your son would appreciate six flags more! Ha!

Rachel said...

Oh my Lord that looks so fun!

It was probably all the waiting that did the boy in, right???

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Gee, if the "real" slide was all he wanted, you could have saved yourself all that time and money - and gotten in an afternoon nap while the girls were in charge.

It's like the kid playing with the box the expensive gift came in.

Ungrateful little twerps.

Hanna said...

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Melissa said...

That looks like some fun!
Be sure to stop by today & join the Blog Hop!
Have a great day

CountessLaurie said...

I have never done that kind of slide. But that seems like a lot of waiting for five minutes. But you got some great photos and you can check it off the list and never do it again!!