Oct 14, 2010

Not a Squeaky Wheel

This is the boy who makes me laugh. He's funny right out of the blue.
He called to ask if someone suffered from brain trauma, what do you do?
While trying to act cool and unattached, he really loves his mom and dad.
He's a thinker and stoic.  He doesn't know how to be bad.
He's respectful and responsible, as any cub scout would say
He'll clean the bathroom, mow the lawn, even put dishes away.
There's a tough exterior but it isn't deep.  His family knows what's true.
He'll take one for the team and he won't complain because that's what he wants to do.
But deep down inside he's a superhero and I think he just might fly.

He doesn't want attention but wants to do good.  He's already my hero. *Sigh*


Kristina P. said...

You have some pretty amazing kids.

Rachel said...

Ditto to the first comment! I hope Itty Bit grows up to be like him!

Joan said...

Not to mention, but he is really a looker and will be a heart breaker one day!!!!

Riahli said...

awwwww... Adorable! What a sweet heart. :)

CountessLaurie said...

how sweet. I have a very cute 7 year old I need to marry off in about 23 years. Let me know how he turns out. You keep this up and he will be downright perfect