Oct 22, 2010

It's All in the Way He Wears the Suit

  • The one on the left is Dr. Darin, one of the 4 (yes, 4) Darins on the surf trip.
  • The woman in the middle (on the surf board) is his wife.  When she was 16.
  • Dr. Darin is middle aged.  Don't tell him that, though.
  • That makes the surf board a little on the disturbing side.
  • The tall, dark and handsome is my husband.
  • The surf board is rented or you'd definitely see an incredibly sexy blond mermaid painted on it.  With fewer curves but darned sexy, nonetheless.  
  • Of course I mean me, what did you think?
  • The wetsuit is not rented. It also is not optional in this water temperature. Surprise expense.
  • Both men are going commando under those suits.


Crystal said...

Great picture-I'm a little disturbed about the commando thing. Not a fan...but as long as their ok with it- go for it! Although, you said "rented" right? Hmmmmm-they disinfect right????


Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Dear Foxy Mermaid,
It might not fit in his stocking, but I think you know what to get handsome hubby for Christmas...

EmptyNester said...

New follower from Boost My Blog Friday!

Kristina P. said...


Jamie said...

Looks like such fun... I never knew what lied beneath those wet suites :) I am a mum of three and we're adopting twins from Ethiopia! I found your blog on Design It Chic blog hop and look forward to following along and hope you may want to do the same! Have a great weekend!
beneath the acacia tree

June Freaking Cleaver said...

The Pacific near San Diego rarely gets about 62 degrees, so yes, the wetsuit is necessary.

I used to drive past the surfers as they changed out of wetsuits all the time - I don't recall even one going commando (surely I'd have noticed THAT).

Amy said...

Very funny post. I always assumed that surfers had to go commando--the suits are so tight.--Okay, that sounds weird now. I've never seen anyone in a wetsuit close up. Just wanted to clarify that.

CountessLaurie said...

There are just so many questions brought on by this post... most of them I am not sure I want to know the answer to. However, this one I gotta know.

Does Dr Darin live by the seashore or does he carry his surfboard on the plane with him. Would Mr. Musing have to fly his surfboard if he bought one and painted a sexy, just a little curvy Ms. Musing on it?

Okay, that's two questions and I really don't want to know if wetsuits cause chafing. Or pinching... really...